Jackson Califas is a Self Defense Close quarter combat instructor who works as an executive protection specialist as well as a Coach and Mentor specializing in the fields of holistic health, nutrition, and fitness.  He is based out of the greater Los Angeles area.  Born a special breed, Jackson is a protector by nature tried and tested through real world experience. Jackson takes keen interest in his personal and professional development through his continued education which ultimately benefits those under his protective attachments as well as his clients who are seeking to optimise their lifestyle.  Jackson is also a skilled martial arts practitioner and instructor specializing in Krav Maga since 2012.  He is trained, vetted, and became a certified instructor in Tel Aviv, Israel.  He actively trains in MMA such as boxing, muay thai kickboxing, and grappling. In addition, Jackson holds extensive knowledge and certification in Close Quarter Combat/Battle Protocols (CQC/CQB), Defensive Shooting Tactics, Personal Security Detail (PSD), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), VIP Security Driving, Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVOC), Kidnap Prevention, Conflict Management/Resolution, Advanced Counter Terrorism, Urban Warfare, Advanced Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance, Intelligence Gathering, and holistic health and nutrition.  Jackson trains continuously with elite members of the US Military - Special Operations Forces (SOF), British Military (SAS), Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Law Enforcement Agencies, and other private entities around the world. During his free time, Jackson enjoys traveling the world, spending time with friends and family, and continuing advancing his training.

“…after all, this is a lifestyle.”

- Jackson Califas


Krav Maga instructor with Ron Engleman (Master Sergeant-Israel Defense Forces (IDF) (Krav Maga Israel)

Israeli CQB Instructor with Amit Himelstein (Sergeant Major-Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Active Combat Instructor for IDF special units (IKF)
Gracie Survival Tactics Arrest and Control Instructor
High Threat (PSD) Close/Executive Protection Training (Trojan Securities International)
Personal Protection Specialist (EPI)
Executive Security Specialist (Pacific West Academy)
Situational Awareness and Behavioral Analysis Instructor (SAFE PROGRAM)
Emergency Vehicle Driving Course (EVOC)
Advanced Firearms Training (PWA, Trojan Security, LAPD Swat)
NRA Certified (Pistol, shotgun, advanced defensive pistol, personal protection inside/outside home)
Certified Armorer (Glock, M16/M4, AK-47)
CPR/AED/ First Aid certified
Integrative/Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach 
Tactical Emergency Casualty Course (TECC)