This online nutrition and workout program was designed by Jackson Califas to help you burn fat and build lean muscle. He will design a nutrition and fitness program tailored for you!


This online program will teach you how to count your macronutrients, select nutritious foods, and speed up your metabolism to turn your body into a fat burning machine 


Through the online course, Jackson will teach you fitness excercises that you can do anywhere to maximize your body's ability to transform it into the best shape of your life


Jackson Califas has carefully designed this program using his own experience at losing fat and sculpting his body with a perfect balance between nutrition & excercise. He has walked the walk and now wants to show you how!


We have carefully crafted different plans tailored to fit your lifestyle and financial needs.

Month to Month Prepaid 

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6 Month Prepaid 

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3 Month Prepaid 

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1 Year Prepaid 

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Month to Month Pepaid Option

what our clients say

Estel D.
Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur
(Chop & Build Online Program)

Ariel C.
(Client of the Personal Protection Course)

As a new mom, I’ve often felt anxious with all the increasing crime in the area. Jax is an excellent instructor— training with him, and learning Krav-Maga techniques, has significantly decreased my anxiety and boosted my confidence in my ability to keep both my child and myself safe. If I’m ever attacked, I no longer feel I’ll be a victim, rather, a victor. On a personal note, Jax is incredibly dedicated, kind, patient and committed to seeing his students reach their goals. I feel incredibly grateful to have met him and to train with him.

Aron M.
Wealth Manager & Private Family Office Executive
(Client of the Personal Protection Course)

 As the Chief of Staff for UHNW individuals and billionaires, my job entails high-risk traveling and ensuring the safety of my clients. Jackson has equipped me with invaluable skills that have not only enhanced my ability to protect myself and those I serve but have also instilled in me a sense of confidence and self-assurance.
He approaches his role as a trainer with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, giving 100% commitment to each of his clients. His extensive knowledge and experience in Krav Maga shine through in his training techniques, as he meticulously teaches every technique and principle with precision.

What sets Jackson apart is his ability to take clients from square one to being capable of defending themselves in high-risk situations. He understands the unique challenges and dangers that come with my job, and tailors the training specifically to address those concerns. He never hesitates to go the extra mile, ensuring that I am well-prepared for any potential threats I may encounter.

He takes the time to understand my goals, abilities, and limitations, constantly pushing me to surpass my own expectations. His motivational skills are unparalleled, always providing encouragement and pushing me further when I feel like giving up. With Jackson as my trainer, I know that I am in the safest hands possible.

Jackson is an exceptional trainer. I am immensely grateful for his guidance and support, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to learn self-defense and become proficient in Krav Maga.

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